Nanobiosensors: the future for diagnosis of disease cover

Nanobiosensors: the future for diagnosis of disease


Date: 30th April @ 4 PM IST
Zoom Webinar ID: 896 0558 3858
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Instructor: Dr. Raghu

Language: English

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About webinar:

Medical diagnosis has been greatly improved thanks to the development of new techniques capable of performing very sensitive detection and quantifying certain parameters. These parameters can be correlated with the presence of specific molecules and their quantity. Unfortunately, these techniques are demanding, expensive, and often complicated. On the other side, progress in other fields of science and technology has contributed to the rapid growth of nanotechnology. Although being an emerging discipline, nanotechnology has raised huge interest and expectations. Most of the enthusiasm comes from new possibilities and properties of nanomaterials. Biosensors (simple, robust, sensitive, cost-effective) combined with nanomaterials, also called nanobiosensors, are serving as bridge between advanced detection/diagnostics and daily/routine tests. Here we review some of the latest applications of nanobiosensors in diagnostics field which will help you to undertstand the recent advances of Nano technology.

Webinar date: 30th April 2022
Timing: 4 PM- 5:30 PM IST (Indian schedule time)

Certificate: Yes! all students will be provided a certificate associated from DBT India & NSDC.

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