A Best Career Served Profession- Pharmacovigilance

What is pharmacovigilance (PV) and how does it work?

The gathering, analysis, monitoring, and avoidance of adverse effects in medications and therapies is referred to as pharmacovigilance, also known as drug safety.

Within pharma, it is a completely scientific and process-driven field

Pharmacovigilance is essential.

The methods, processes, and specifically associated in receiving, tracking, and interpreting adverse event data from patients using pharmaceuticals, biologics, and medical equipment in perfect regulations structure or guideline are referred to as pharmacovigilance, or drug safety.

Why then should you pursue a profession in pharmacovigilance?

For pharmacy, life science, and medical grads, pharmacovigilance is a good career opportunity. It's a research area that entails documenting and evaluating a medicine's side effects.

Pharmacovigilance professionals are primarily responsible for ensuring that the drugs we consume are safe, and that any that are shown to be dangerous are removed from the market.

Although pharmacovigilance is a vast and diverse field, it can be divided into four primary sub-specialties:

Most life science specialists who want to work in drug safety will start their careers in this industry.

Case processors, drug safety officers/associates, and drug safety managers, as well as team leads and directorships, are all common positions in drug safety operations.


These experts will acquire and document data during preliminary preclinical and empirical trials, as well as real-world evidence (RWE) of adverse occurrences documented by doctors and patients after the product has been released.


Surveillance professionals are more likely to seek positions in risk mitigation and data handling.

This also entails analyzing the data gathered by the division as a whole. Experts can hold a variety of credentials, the most popular of which are pharmacovigilance researcher and drug safety specialist, but there are numerous degrees of authority and mandate possibilities, just as there are in any department.

Experts, who employs pharmacovigilance?

Pharmacovigilance graduates can work for the following organizations, which provide excellent job opportunities:

Pharmaceutical businesses.

Companies involved in biotechnology.

"Administrative Authorities like DCG(I), FDA, and CDSCO Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPOs) like 1.Accenture,

2 . Cognizant,

3. Sciformix Corporation,
4. iGATE, and others Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPOs) like Accenture, Cognizant, Sciformix"

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