Biotech Online Internships Career Booster for Biotechnology Students

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Biotech Online Internships- Career Booster for Biotechnology Students

Biotechnology, the perfect blend of engineering and natural sciences, is increasingly being used to modify living organisms. With the advancement in biotechnology, its application scope has increased multifold. Scientific technology is being applied to reduce environmental footprint, treat rare diseases, feed the hungry, improve manufacturing processes, etc. Online biotech internships are a great help for job seekers to get the valuable experience required for a high-paying job.


The biology-based technology harnesses bimolecular and cellular processes to develop new technologies and products for improving the lives of our planet. The biological processes of microorganisms are being used for over 6,000 years to make many food products like cheese and bread as well as to preserve dairy products longer. With the arrival of genetic engineering in the 1970s, research efforts in biotechnology got acceleration because of seeing new possibilities to alter DNA (organisms' genetic material).
Biotechnology is finding new applications in areas of therapeutics, genetically modified crops, diagnostics, processed food, waste treatment, energy production, bioremediation, etc. Biotechnology reduces production costs considerably as well as reduces the environmental footprint effectively. In some cases, the capital and operating costs in industries were found to decrease by 10-50%. Many industries have reduced energy and water consumption by 10-80% by applying biotechnology methodologies.


Biotech online summer internships are offered by many reputed organizations. Online biotech internships are easy-to-grab opportunities for biotech students and biotech professionals at the early stages of their careers. These online internships provide an opportunity to-
1. Evaluate your knowledge and find the gaps
2. Learn to apply biotech in the real world
3. Know the real-world challenges
4. Work under senior level biotech professionals
5. Get the task-specific, job-specific, or interest-specific experience
6. Add value to professional credentials
7. Build relationships with experienced biotech professionals for career advantage


Summer is the best time to join any internship because of the availability of time between the academic sessions. The numbers of summer internships for biotechnology students in India are available for 2022. Every biotechnology internship is designed for a particular objective in the interest of the organization; therefore, each internship has a different value from learning and career perspectives. The top in-demand future-oriented biotechnology summer internships in India for 2022 are-
1. Biochemical engineering
2. Genetic engineering
3. Bioinformatics Internship
4. Cytogenetic Internship
5. Microbial Process Kinetics
6. Enzyme Technology Internship
7. Stoichiometry and kinetics of microbial growth
8. Physiology & Biochemistry of growth and metabolism
9. Prokaryotes- Genome management and analysis
10. Molecular Biology Internship
These biotechnology summer internships help the job seekers to get the jobs with the following titles earlier at a higher starting payout-
Biomedical Engineer
Medical Scientist
Clinical Technician
Process Development Scientist
Bio-manufacturing Specialists

How to Leverage the Benefits of Biotechnology SUMMER INTERNSHIPS

Whether you plan to join an advanced course or a job, you need to join a biotechnology internship in both cases. The internship certification adds value to your credentials for advanced study that helps you get admission and a scholarship at your favorite college. In case you want a job after completing a basic biotechnology course, then you need to join an internship to get hands-on experience. The benefits of biotech internships can be leveraged by working as a freelancer biotechnology expert in different job roles- medical writer, science journalist, health informatics specialist, big data analytics for medical institutions, product marketing strategist, etc.


Getting the best career suitable online biotechnology summer internship is not as easy as it seems seeing the availability of online biotechnology internship offers. You need to filter searches based on your qualification, personal interest, career plan, location, financial needs, etc.

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