Biotechnology Jobs After M.Sc.- A Roadmap For Smart Growth

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Biotechnology Jobs After M.Sc.- A Roadmap For Smart Growth

The businesses across the world are embracing the unexplored benefits of biotechnology with the support of evolving technology. The increasing acknowledgement and acceptance of biotechnology utility is maintaining a rising trend in biotechnology jobs. Whatsoever is your specialization is in biotechnology, you have a number of biotech jobs to apply for and to start or boost up your career.

What Are The Top Ranking MSc. Biotechnology Jobs In 2021 with a Good Salary Start?

The companies are hiring biotechnology professionals with specialization. We are coming across diverse job roles and responsibilities. If you are a biotechnology novice to start up your, you need to know the high in demand specialization and the top-ranking job roles in 2021 and the jobs that are going to stay at the top in 2022 also-

1. Biomedical Engineer with annual average salary Rs. 7,34,677
2. Biochemist with annual average salary Rs. 7,14,015
3. Microbiologist with annual average salary Rs. 5,53,849
4. Medical Scientist with annual average salary Rs. 9,19,119
5. Food Scientist with annual average salary Rs. 7,50,000
6. Biotechnology Professor with annual average salary Rs. 5,09,951
7. Biological Technician with annual average salary Rs. 3,06,475
8. Animal Scientist with annual average salary Rs. 5,51,483

Top M.Sc. Biotechnology Jobs Providers with Good Job Roles & Salary:

The top industries posting MSc biotechnology jobs are Nectar Life sciences Pvt, Ltd. Biocon Pvt Ltd., Himalaya Spring; Alchemist Pvt Ltd, Panacea Biotech, Life cell International, Alkem India Pvt Ltd, Shantha Biotech, New York Lab, Reddy’s Laboratories, etc. Research and teaching are considered the coolest job areas that are more suitable for the professionals with preference for ease and peace without working pressures. The salary of biotechnology experts depends upon the qualification, experience, industry, and location. The average annual salary for MSc. biotechnology jobs at starting stage is about Rs. 6,00,000. The high ranking jobs after MSc. Biotechnology are Research Scientist, Biotechnology Researcher, Sr. Associate Scientist, Associate Engineer, etc. PhD after MSc. Biotechnology opens the door to ride high in success without any geographical boundaries.

What Are The Benefits Of Biotechnology Internships?

You might be coming across several advertisements for biotechnology internship. Are these internships beneficial for your career? The practical knowledge is an important aspect for getting lucrative job in technology-driven Biotechnology/ Bioinformatics arena. Internships provide you most sought after expertise and experience that help you get your dream job relevant to your specialization. Whether biotechnology internship is paid or unpaid, its importance stays intact. As the most of payouts in biotechnology internship are low; so, take it as an investment for future. Why do biotechnology job seekers join biotechnology internship? Here are the benefits-

  • You get a chance for network building with the experienced professionals
  • You get exposure to real-world challenges and come to know your knowledge gaps
  • You get more value to make your resume more powerful to convince the HR experts
  • You get liberty to choose the biotechnology internship up to your interest 
  • You have get potential for converting the biotechnology internship in permanent job
  • You get referrals of experienced biotechnology seniors to get your skills verified

What Specialization Will Help You Get The Best Biotechnology Job?

Businesses need the professionals with specific skills; therefore, you need to have in-demand specialization. Specialization plus experience plus exposure smoothen the growth roadmap. The high in demand specialization for jobs after M.Sc. biotechnology are - Enzyme Technology, Genetic Engineering, Biostatistics, Immunotechnology, Cancer Biology, Fermentation Technology, Environmental Microbiology, Food Microbiology etc.

Concluding Note:

The practice to upgrade Biotechnology qualification and securing in-demand specialization accelerate your career growth. Even if you are engaged in a job, you can peruse short-term specialization courses conducted online in instructor-led mode.

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