Twelve Top Trending Crash Courses Available At Online Education Platforms

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Crash Courses That Will Certainly Award Career Growth In 2023

The buzz about crash courses is getting loud in the communities of people seeking an early job after completing regular and conventional education and employed people planning to accelerate their career growth. Crash courses are around for over 2-3 decades but still many people are not aware of the benefits of these short-term courses. If you are planning to add new competencies to your job profile, joining a relevant online crash course is the best way.

What Is A Crash Course?

^he Crash course is a subject-specific course designed to deliver full in-depth knowledge in a short period. The crash course curriculum is structured to provide all the expertise needed to use subjective knowledge to accomplish task-specific goals successfully. There has been a surge in the demand for online crash courses because increasing numbers of job seekers acknowledge that employers need job-specific experts with certified subjective knowledge with exposure to applications.

Benefits of Crash Courses

  • More For Less: Entire course is squeezed into a limited time interval
  • Higher Rate of Success: Remarkably helpful in managing challenges in exams, interviews, training, etc.
  • Subject Specific: Freedom to fill up particular knowledge gaps in a short period whenever the time is available.
  • Mock Tests & Materials: Online access to study material and opportunities to test preparations for a particular test/exam type.
  • Second Chance to Repeat: The professionally designed roadmap road to refresh the knowledge and competencies.

Twelve Top Trending Crash Courses Available At Online Education Platforms

What crash courses are trending high to help students, job seekers, and career-growth seekers? Here I list 12 top crash courses to help you choose the best relevant in different professional areas-

1. CRISPR Cas9 Technology Crash Course: CRISPR- Cas9 Genome Editing Tool, Structure of CRISPR- Cas9, Types of CRISPR Case, Challenges for CRISPRCas9 Application, etc. Learn More>>

2.  Genetic Engineering Using CRISPR Technology: Structure of DNA, Organization of DNA into chromosomes, DNA Manipulation, Recombinant DNA Technology, etc. 

3. Food Microbiology & Probiotics Course: microbes in foods, microbial foodborne diseases, Control of microorganisms, mechanism of action of probiotics, Molecular characterization of probiotics, etc.

4. Medical Coding Crash Course: NCD, LCD, ABN, HIPAA, Structure of ICD, Classification of Diseases, finding ICD 10 CM Code, Symbols and Conventions, Procedural Terminology (CPT), etc.

5. Forensic Science Crash Course: Principles of Forensics, Principle of Individuality, Principle of Mutual Exchange, Domains of Forensic Science, Forensic Entomology, Forensic Biology, etc.

6. Secrets of DNA and Genetic Manipulation: DNA Packaging, Mitochondrial DNA, Genetic Manipulation, Recombinant DNA Technology, DNA Library, Gene Genetic Editing, etc.

7. Clinical Research: Pharmacokinetics, Roles and Responsibilities of Stakeholders for Clinical Trial, Drug Discovery, Clinical Trial Phases, Helsinki, Belmont Report, Informed Consent Process, etc.

8. Genetic Engineering & Its Application: Genetic Manipulation, Gene Therapy, CAR T Cell Therapy, RNA Therapy, Applications in GMOs, etc.

9. Industrial Bioprocessing Crash Course: Gene Therapy & Bioprocessing, Cell Therapy & Bioprocessing, Downstream/Upstream Bioprocessing, Process Simulation, Big data Analytics, etc.

10. Industrial Biotechnology Crash Course: Bioproducts, Production Unit (Bioreactor), Methods in Systems and Synthetic Biology, Bioreactors for scale-up, Immobilized Enzymes, etc.

11. Advanced Program in Pharmacovigilance: Drug Discovery, Product Lifecycle, PV Overview, PV Terminologies, Pharmacovigilance Reporting Database, PV for regulators, etc.

12. Machine Learning Using Python: Fundamentals of Python, Data Structures in Python, Functions and Jupyter Installation, Numpy, Line Plots, Bar Graph, Pie Chart, Linear Regression, etc. Learn More >>

The other crash courses you can explore to have insights into the learning scope are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Recombinant DNA Technology & Genetic Engineering, Food Science & Processing Technology, Computer Aided Drug Design and Discovery, Bioinformatics Tools & Techniques, etc.


As the demand for crash courses is increasing fast, the availability of crash courses is also improving but be careful while choosing the best online crash course that is aligned with your career objective. One leading online education platform, LearnToUpgrade offers a range of crash courses with discount offers; these are designed to help the participants refresh their professional skills and to foster the confidence for managing complex job roles with utmost perfection.

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