FDP on Research Methodology - A Short-Term Course for Women Empowerment

The importance of data-driven insights for the continuous improvement of performance in a range of professional areas is increasing and being accepted globally. The data-driven insights are being used worldwide to improve the deliverance of researches. Faculty development program on research methodology for women being conducted by Shasun Jain College (Chennai) is being hailed worldwide for providing much-required perfection in using advanced data analysis techniques to unearth the secrets and silent indications.

Importance Data Analysis for a Career Boost:

Importance Data Analysis for a Career Boost:

Data analysts manage bulk data and analyze it to get insights for understanding trends, making forecasts, and extracting key information for decision making. Researches need to have globally accepted data-based evidence. Data analysts support scientists and research professionals to accelerate the proceedings, testing, and computing, etc to get faster results. One of its own kind ‘Faculty Development program: Research Methodology’ delivers all the perfection that you need to become a more competent candidate for the job role of data analyst in a range of areas:

• R&D
• ITSM (IT services management)

• Marketing

• Education

• Finance

• Healthcare

• Retail ………….

According to Salary Guide by Robert Half Technology's (2020), "The certified data analysts can earn $83,750 to $142,500. Learning of advanced technologies like Python further improves the earning potential.”

Is ‘Faculty Development Program on Research Methodology’ Course Good for You?

FDP on research methodology course is an excellent choice for the faculty members from academic institutions, practitioners, marketers, and researchers etc. FDP training course is designed to prepare you to get your dream job for:

• Data visualization

• Descriptive data analytics

• Spreadsheet Modeling

• Health care analytics

• Sports Analytics

• Hypothesis testing

• Machine learning ……

It is a seven days highly interactive and collaborative training with limited batch size. As the FDP on research methodology course is exclusively conducted for women by Shasun Jain College for Women (Chennai) in collaboration with Makeintern. The perfect blend of exclusiveness and uniqueness makes it an excellent choice for women with a special interest in data analysis for key job roles.

During the ‘FDP on research methodology’, you learn setting Google colab environment, Pythons variables & data types, arrays with Numpy library, visualization with seaborne & matplotlib, exploratory data analysis, hypothesis testing, machine learning techniques, data grouping etc.

Why Should You Choose Shasun Jain College for Women for FDP Training:

Shasun Jain College in Chennai was established in 2004 with a commitment to empowering women for advancing their careers with maximum freedom to choose the preferred learning path. Faculty development program on research methodology is one of the numerous short-term career-oriented courses. The highly trained qualified faculty provides deep subjective insights with 1:1 attention. The virtual lab practices prepare you to take on a job role with confidence from the first day. All the online study material is provided by the faculty. Highly affordable ‘Faculty development program on research methodology’ certification is recognized globally in all sectors. The placement cell assists you to get a dream job at the earliest. The roadmap :

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