Free Online Courses with Certificates: The Future of Professional Learning

If you too are struggling to find your first job after formal qualification or you are planning to switch for speedy growth, free online courses with certificates may prove a boon for you.

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Free Online Courses with Certificates: The Future of Professional Learning

In an intensive competitive scenario in the job market, having cutting-edge certified skills and expertise has become a must. If you too are struggling to find your first job after formal qualification or you are planning to switch for speedy growth, free online courses with certificates may prove a boon for you. Yes, these courses with certificates online are free but these short-term online free courses add widely acknowledged value to your competencies for a particular job profile besides providing a roadmap to flourish your career distinctively.

Short-Term Online Courses are the Future of Professional Learning

E-learning takes 40% to 60% lesser time for professionals than conventional learning. E-learning improves the learners’ retention rate by up to 25% - 60%. The work-from-home option allows employees to redefine their career goals and prepare the self to achieve what they want. According to the director of Learntoupgrade, “Short-term free online certification courses are available even for the job seekers having just the basic qualification.
The courses with certificates online deliver the particular expertise at a professional level within a couple of weeks or months that helps to find a job or to take the career to the next level. The increasing numbers of employers in different business sectors are recognizing the credibility of short-term online courses. According to U.S. News, many employers agree with the fact that professionals with online certificate courses tend to have strong decision-making skills, time management skills, and commitment.

Is It Good To Join Free Online Courses With Certificates In India?

A number of online course websites offer various options for every career plan including instructor-led courses and self-paced learning courses. The acceptance and acknowledgment of online short-term professional courses are increasing across business sectors and recruiters. Recruiters and HR people prefer to hire professionals having task-specific skills as an add-on to basic qualifications; here comes the importance of short-term online skill-specific courses.

User-created content, Gamification, library digitization, online video, ebooks, virtual classrooms, cloud technology, Virtual Reality, etc have removed the early-stage learning silos to develop a competent professional for the particular job role. A survey report released by a London-based online education agency states, “44% of hiring managers consider online certification courses "very to extremely" important.” Another report published online in Economic Times on Feb 16, 2023 states, “91 % Indian students accept that professional certification helps them compete and get jobs; and, "85% employers in India do value professional certificates while hiring”.

How to Select the Right Free Online Courses with Certificates

The gained benefits of joining free online courses with certificates or Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) depend upon choosing the right course in line with your career plan, industry-specific interest, in-future demand, existing certifications, and base qualification. The credibility of online education platforms also matters. The following six tips may help you choose the best course for free online-

  • Research and explore your options in line with your career plan.
  • Check the suitability of course content for your career goals.
  • Content delivery system.
  • Check for flexibility.
  • Check certification credibility.
  • Check online reviews and ratings of the popular courses

Certificates vs certifications

Certificates: A certificate certifies that you have finished educational coursework. Certificates are non-academic degrees; and, these do not certify your expertise for a particular job role/occupation and industry. For example, you get a certificate for completing a Google Analytics-self learning course or a Forensic Science crash course.

Certifications: A certification certifies your specific professional skills matching the particular criteria for a specific job role or industry. Certifications are accepted as the industry standards for particular skills and expertise; therefore, these work as excellent career boosters. For example, an accounting firm needs Certified Public Accountants (CPA). Usually, certifications are awarded after training and exam; as well as these need periodic renewal.

Top-Trending Online Courses Free in 2023

Though the selection of online short-term courses depends upon personal parameters, some courses rank at the top in current demand. Job seekers and experienced professionals attend the courses that could add an edge to their professional profile and expertise. The top-trending online certification courses are in the following domains-

1. Forensic Science
2. Genetic Engineering
3. Clinical Research
4. Medical Coding
5. Industrial Biotechnology
6. Machine Learning
7. Artificial Intelligence
8. Data Science
9. Digital Marketing
10. Internet Cyber Security

Wrapping Up

Most online free professional courses are offered at different levels; therefore, you should choose an online educational platform that offers a variety of courses in a particular domain to help you enrich diversity and expertise level in your competencies. Attending online internships is also a smart way to keep your skills, experience, and expertise tested in a practical environment.

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