How Effective Is Learn To Upgrade Online to Support the Career Plans: A Study

Learn To Upgrade Online to Support the Career Plans:

Learning online to upgrade the skills and expertise, required to shape-up lucrative career and to improve the growth rate in the existing profession, has become an increasing trend. The experienced effectiveness of distant learning and increasing social acceptance of certifications acquired by attending the instructor-led online courses are drawing the attention of job seekers, aspiring youths, and engaged professionals.

Are the short-term online certification courses really effective for career support? The blog post is a reality-based study of the effectiveness of online certification courses and webinars conducted by Learntoupgrade.

Objective: To find the outcome of short-term online courses and webinars with a perspective about career orientation

Approach: Contacting the students with experience of completing online certification courses or webinars attendees to know the reality of claimed effectiveness


Exploring the reviews and comments at Google about Learntoupgrade

Contacting the posters to know their experience

Confirming the industry-specific benefits of Learntoupgrade certification courses

Collecting the views to find the scope of improvement

Batch size: 500 student+ 500 job seekers+ 500 employees

Age group: 20 years- 45 years

Increasing Importance of Learn to Upgrade Online:

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the importance of acquiring career-oriented certified skills in multiples. The majority of organizations accept digitally obtained certifications equally good to certifications acquired by the conventional education system. The majority of students enrolled for online courses accepts the following benefits in common:

• More options to choose the objective-oriented or job-specific course

• Freedom to attend the class from anywhere and anytime

• No disturbance to existing schedule or engagement

• Comparatively lower in cost

• Freedom to schedule certification exam

• 1:1 attention simplifies the learning curve

Short-Term Online Courses – The Great Career Boosters:

The people like Nithya Nagaraj and Harshil Pottas accepted that the online self-learning course helped them a lot to have deeper insights in to particular domain. Certification improved their credibility for the better-paid job roles in more challenging projects. We found a common opinion that short-term skill-specific courses have become more valuable because employers prefer to recruit candidates having specific skills for the particular job roles.

Finding About Outcome/Benefits Of Online Courses At Learntoupgrade:

Based on discussion with more than 1200 people having experience of instructor-led learning at Learntoupgrade, we concluded that-

1. Learntoupgrade is a leading digital learning platform with the growing popularity

2. People choose it because of getting more options to choose a variety of value-added courses.

3. 90% of students are satisfied with the way of teaching

4. 95% of students were satisfied with the supplied course material

5. 85% of students got a pay-hike within the same FY after securing a job-specific certification

6. 80% of students get better job proposals with improved credibility for a particular job

Webinar Fosters The Skills And Expertise:

A webinar is just a couple of hours online engagement with highly qualified and experienced professionals. The professionally designed presentation helps the attendees to know the latest developments in technology and the SMART agile ways of managing the tasks. Webinars provide a unique opportunity to share personal findings and concerns on a large platform and to get reasonable solutions from the community experts.

We followed more than 500 attendees to recent webinars. Based on the personal discussion to get the feedback, our findings about the effectiveness and benefits of attending webinars are-

1. 95% of attendees realize the benefit of interaction with experienced subject experts

2. 90% of attendees see webinars as an opportunity to expand the community of like-minded people

3. 96% of attendees say webinars helped them to address their concerns at ease with gained insights

4. 98% of attendees accept webinars as the cost-effective learning tool

5. 90% of attendees realized improvement in interaction and constructive discussions

6. 85% of attendees say that webinars are more relevant to a particular subject or topic

Learntoupgrade continuously arranges webinars on hot topics to help the eager to learn community; keep exploring – ‘what the latest is going on at Learn-to-Upgrade’.

Common Concerns about the Benefits of Unified Online Learning Platform:

When we reached to job-seeking students and employees at the early stage of 1st job, they were found aware of distant learning. However, many of the responding candidates were not sure about the effectiveness, benefits, or validity of online certifications. The study revealed that we need more to spread the word about the increasing potential of virtual learning.

What is unified learning platform? Why are people embracing the popularity of digital learning platforms? Why learn to upgrade has become a necessity to perform for a faster growth rate?

The team of course specialists at Learntoupgrade analyzed the feedbacks of enrolled students and professionals for over a year. During the study, we came across diverse shared experiences and feedbacks. During the interaction, we emphasized personalized and friendly communication to maintain a reality check environment.

People were in acute need of a reliable unified learning platform because searching a new platform every time to get a specific skill is a tedious task. A unified learning platform offers an ever-expanding range of high-in-demand courses in different domains like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Forensic Science, Business Analytics, Cyber Security, Industrial Biotechnology, and others.

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The career aspiring people at the early stage of career building and the job seekers with basic qualification are turning towards the virtual learning platform because the costs of getting the required certifications is much low than that in conventional sources.

Learning to update the self has become a consistent need because the certified task-specific skills are awarded high in terms of promotion and pay hike. Organizations need the job-specific skilled employees to improve perfection in delivery that contributes to the brand’s competency. A low-cost short-term online certification that you can get in spare time accelerates your growth rate by expanding the opportunities.

To conclude, it can be said that aspiring professionals are embracing virtual learning. The reliable online learning platforms need to offer more courses according to varying demands in vivid industries. The job-relevancy is more important than the cost of certification for the majority of students, job seekers, and professionals.

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