How Internships for Microbiology Students Help to Get First Job

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Internship for Microbiology

To succeed after completing M.Sc. microbiology, students need to have some hands-on experience to establish their expertise in applying the learned skills. The diversity in job roles and job title is increasing fast because employers want the candidates, who are productive and performing since the start. The internship for microbiology students provides hands-on experience as well as a certification for excellence in applying the knowledge and task-specific skills.


Although internships for M.Sc. microbiology students are available round the year but summer internship for Microbiology is more in demand. Summer internships for microbiology professionals are of relatively short period; therefore, students get a certificate verifying their credentials in minimum period. The key reasons that make summer internship for microbiology a hot-cake are-
• Most of regular microbiology courses complete in summer
• Joining summer microbiology internship eliminates objective-less period
• Most of institutions recruit fresh microbiology employees in start of academic session, i.e. July or August months
• It reduces the pressure of getting early job
• Summer microbiology internship helps microbiology students to get better jobs at higher start

Can You Get Job Specific Microbiology Internship?

Are the internships really helpful for getting the desired jobs type easily? The answer is –yes. The microbiology internships are available online also; therefore, students can join internships without leaving their advanced study plans. Because of increasing industry-wide acceptance of importance of internships, microbiology internships are available to suit every career plan. You can explore online internship providing platforms like LearnToUpgrade to find the internship that suits the target job like Microbiologist, Immunologist, Mycologist, Clinical Research Scientist, Food Technologist/Scientist, Medical Technologist, Cosmetic Scientist, etc.

The More in Demand Internship for M.Sc. Microbiology Students for 2022

The effectiveness of Microbiology internship depends upon the right selection of course or internship job offer. Two internships can also be joined in parallel. To choose the best internship, you should focus on primary content, period, and objective of internship being offered. Some microbiology internships that can add competitive value to credentials of microbiology M.Sc. students are-

  • Bioinformatics Tools & Software: Application areas, biological datasets, biological sequence alignment, biological data sequencing, evolutionary tree construction, phylogenetic analysis, structural bioinformatics, etc.
  • Food Microbiology: Food sampling and preparation for testing, enumeration of microorganisms in foods, isolation of pathogenic microorganisms, examination of canned food, quality assurance in microbiology labs, etc.
  • Techniques In Molecular Biology: Bacterial cloning, PCR, genomic and plasmid DNA isolation, restriction digest, gel electrophoresis, quantification, protein purification, RNA extraction, etc.

  • Plant Cell And Tissue Culture: Somatics embryogenesis, preparation of media & stock solution, preparation of explants, shoot & root induction, meristem-tip culture, micropropagation, spore-derived axenic culture, etc.

  • Industrial Biotechnology: Enzyme discovery and engineering, bioprocess engineering, enzymatic function and catalysis, fine chemicals, synthetic biology application, bioenergy & biomaterials, glycoscience, and biotherapeutics, etc.

  • Patent in Biotechnology: Protection of Biotech inventions, process and stages involved in patent, IPR help for growth of the organization.

How Summer Internship for M.Sc. Microbiology Students Helped Me

I have completed my M.Sc. in microbiology in 2021 but because of COVID-19, I couldn’t get any job. The numbers of jobs for fresh M.Sc. Microbiology students were very low as most industries were struggling to survive in 2021 after surviving in 2020. I joined three months summer internship for microbiology students for 2022 being offered at LearnToUpgrade. Just after completing my 3 months Internship Certification Program in Bioinformatics tools & software (even before completing my internship), I got a job offer. During the period, I got opportunities to apply my learned skills and to check my expertise in delivering the desired results. Thanks to HR support of LearnToUpgrade.

Wrapping Up

In whatsoever stream you complete your M.Sc., online internships and certification courses are of great help as they turn a fresher M.Sc. pass out into an experienced professional. Success and your satisfaction level highly depend on choosing the genuine internship platform and the right internship program.

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