Increasing Importance of Recombinant DNA Technology for Quality Life

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Increasing Importance of Recombinant DNA Technology for Quality Life

Recombinant DNA technology is widely used to alter the phenotype of an organism by introducing and integrating a genetically altered vector into organism genome. Recombinant DNA is a process of introducing a foreign part of DNA structure into a genome containing the gene of our interest. The introduced gene is called recombinant gene. The process of introducing Recombinant DNA involves multiple steps, n specific procedures implied through various tools. To summarize, the technology used for developing an artificial DNA by the combination of multiple genetic materials (DNA) of different sources is called Recombinant DNA Technology.

As the relatively advanced technology is evolving fast, there is huge demand of Recombinant DNA Technology experts having familiarity with genetic engineering. Joining a short-term online Recombinant DNA Technology & Genetic Engineering certification course is a smart way for career development with a difference.

Importance of Recombinant DNA

Recombinant DNA has demonstrated its effectiveness to derive in advancements in the human life. Also referred as genetic engineering, this next generation technology is a great help to have an idea about molecular basis of the numbers of diseases like familial hypercholesterolemia, thalassemia, sickle cell disease, and cystic fibrosis etc. Recombinant DNA applications facilitate the scientists to develop a range of proteins for therapy. The technology is being used widely to treat complex diseases and for proactive treatment to reduce the possibility of developing a particular disease. The commonly accepted benefits of recombinant DNA technology are – much improved cancer research, targeted vaccine production, increased fertility, better diabetes treatment,, production of quality foods at low cost, etc.

Scope of Recombinant DNA Training

Recombinant DNA Technology is a driving force to learn d genetic science and biotechnology; it is a must-have skill for aspiring researchers. First discovered in early 1970s, Recombinant DNA has become an integral part of medical research, genetics studies, and Biotech applications. Candidates planning their career development to work in a Biotechnology research lab or pharmaceutical agency must have Recombinant DNA Technology certification. The certification Recombinant DNA course is available for B.Sc., B. tech., M.Sc., and M. tech. candidates.

Recombinant DNA is an emerging need for genetically modified agriculture products to fulfill the increasing demand of growing population for quality food. Indian government has established special funds for genetic engineering the support biomedical, forensic labs, dairy, and agriculture sectors. The Recombinant DNA certification drives in tremendous opportunities to make a prosperous career. Top Recombinant DNA jobs are Scientist in forensic lab, geneticist in medical/health care institutions, genetic counselor, recombinant DNA lecturer, assistant for vector production, research technician etc.

Recombinant DNA professional during training period can earn Rs. 2 to 3 Lakh per year, Junior scientists can earn around Rs. 6-9 lakh per year and senior scientist can earn around Rs 15-16 lakh per year. After gaining few years’ experience, working as freelancer Recombinant DNA professional also a god paying career development option.

Skills You Learn At Recombinant DNA Certification Course

Whether you join Recombinant DNA certification course online or off-line, the curriculum is designed to produce competent Recombinant DNA expert to take on job specific responsibilities successfully. The major skills you learn at Recombinant DNA training are-

• Chromosome Structure & Function

• DNA Structure and Gene Expression

• Molecular Biology fundamentals

• Expression Vector

• Genetic Engineering

• DNA Tech Applications …..

Concluding Note

Recombinant DNA technology has impacted and will continue to change every aspect of life; may it be food to eat, materials to use or energy to work. The technology is globally trusted to detect, to sequence genes, and to determine function of genes. Prevention and cure of sickle cell anemia and cystic fibrosis are the remarkable achievements that highlight the importance of Recombinant DNA technology in innovations targeted to improve human life.

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