Learn a new skill with Natural Language Processing in the NLTK course

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a field that focuses on making computer programs understands natural human language. Natural Language Toolkit, or NLTK, is a Python package that can be used for NLP.

Unstructured data with human-readable text makes up a large portion of the data you could be examining. You must first preprocess the data before you can analyze it programmatically

What you need to know before you start this NLTK tutorial

Learners should have a basic understanding of Artificial Intelligence, Python programming ideas, and English grammar before beginning this NLTK Python training.

For whom is this NLTK Tutorial intended?

This Python NLTK tutorial is intended for students who want to study Natural Language Processing. This tutorial will also assist working professionals in improving their NLP understanding.

Why Should You Study Natural Language Toolkit?

Learning Natural Language Toolkit can help you gain a new skill while also improving your NLP understanding. Professionals who want to advance their careers in AI and Natural Language Processing with Python should learn the NLTK library.

Platform to learn this course

When it comes to listing a platform for the course Learntoupgrade rule the list.

  1. The one who apply for this course:
  2. Developers interested in learning how to use Natural Language Processing
  3. Fresher who wants to pursue a career in Data Science
  4. Anyone who wants a crisp and clear understanding of NLTK and NLP
  5. What you’ll learn
  6. Intrinsic knowledge of Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  7. End to End Knowledge of open-source Python Library NLTK
  8. How to work with Text Data
  9. Basics NLP concepts such as tokenization, stemming, stop word removal and many more
  10. Hands-on Sentiment Analyzer
  11. Capstone Project- Text Summarizer


Learn all about Natural Language Processing in NLTK and other technologies – check out Learntoupgrade.

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