Medical Lab Technician Career Development- What, Why, and How

A Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) is a healthcare professional who performs laboratory tests and procedures that help diagnose and treat diseases. MLTs typically work in hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare facilities, and their work involves analyzing body fluids, tissues, and cells to identify abnormalities, such as infections or cancers.

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Medical Lab Technician Career Development

Medical laboratory technicians (MLTs) play a vital role in diagnostic treatment. The medical lab technicians have certified qualifications, experience, and capabilities to conduct several kinds of diagnostic tests recommended by doctors. Apart from treatment, these medical professionals also support doctors in the prevention and treatment of complicated diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cholesterol level increase, and several other ailments. The easy availability of medical lab technician courses paves the way to becoming MLT even if one has limited resources. Providing patient care diagnostic support without directly interacting with patients is at the core of the job role.

Roles & Responsibilities of Medical Laboratory Technicians

Although the roles and responsibilities vary according to the job profile of a particular designation but day-to-day tasks are related to-

  • Collecting samples for testing blood and other substances
  • Conducting lab tests
  • Analyzing results
  • Following national & international parameters for quality control and analysis
  • Adhering to a laboratory’s policies
  • Preparing objective-specific samples and processing as is required
  • Operating and maintaining lab equipment
  • Logging test reports into patients’ medical records and sharing them with the concerned professionals

Future Scope of Medical Lab Technicians in 2023 & After

Is becoming a medical lab technician (MLT) a good career option? If you want to see yourself earning at the earliest without waiting to complete four years degree course, it is one of the best career development choices. Getting a job as a ‘Medical Laboratory Technician’ in pathology labs, blood banks, urology labs, research labs, cytotechnology, immunology, hematology, microbiology, hospitals, and pharmaceuticals is comparatively easy. The advanced certifications obtained while working and experience also make these professionals eligible to get a job in the education arena. According to a report, “The Jobs for medical lab technicians are expected to increase about 13 percent up to 2026.” At the initial stage, MLT succeeds in getting an annual salary of around 20-30 K per month.

Top Trending Job Titles for Medical Lab Technicians

The medical lab technician certification courses are designed to produce competent skills for evidence-based diagnosis that guides doctors to decide the way of the most effective treatment. With the evolvement of medical science, the working scope of medical lab technicians is also evolving; today, MLTs are working in different roles-

  • Biotechnology Laboratory Worker
  • Animal Health Technologist
  • Assayers (Ores and minerals analysis)
  • Biological Technologist
  • Chemical Technician
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Operation Theatre Technician
  • Ophthalmic Medical Technician
  • Perfusionist (Blood conservation)

Essential Personal Qualities That You Need To Become A Medical Lab Technician

In addition to certified skills, personal traits also contribute to your satisfaction with your job. The must-have personal qualities you need to enjoy your job with any profile are- reading skills, listening skills, critical thinking, speaking, scientific knowledge, supervisory skills, and a zeal for problem-solving. Medical lab technicians are required to communicate in a meaningful way to convey the right message about diagnostic test results. The problem-solving personality trait becomes a driving force to derive results despite operational and practical constraints.

The More in Demand Skills for a Competent Medical Lab Technician

Lab technician skills decide the usability factor of medical lab technicians for an organization. Lab techs provide test-certified insights to medical professionals and scientists that help them conclude a decision to go ahead. The specific skills that employers seek in an MLT vary according to industry and related job profile but the more in-demand skills supported with experience are-

  • Specimen Processing (Preparing slides, microscopic analysis, centrifuging tubes)
  • Regulatory compliance including safety protocols
  • Time Management to meet deadlines
  • Medical terminology used to discuss diagnosis, prognosis, and patient treatment
  • Sample collection including disposal of medical waste materials
  • Attention to detail to follow instructions precisely
  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for quality control
  • Capability to manage equipment malfunctions and unexpected results
  • Organization organizations data and documents with robust security

The Roadmap to Become a Medical Lab Technician

The medical lab technician courses are available for different levels; the eligibility for basic certification is intermediate. Once you get the basic certification, you can join advanced certification courses also to get specialization. The more in-demand medical lab technician certification courses that you can join virtually also are-

  • Medical lab technician : 3 Month Course
  • Medical devices certification course
  • Medical coding course - 3 Months Certification Course
  • Radiology certification program
  • Medical coding & billing

To keep advancing your career as a medical lab technician, you need continuous upgrading of your certification with added diversity in the specialization. Continually advancing expertise in using the latest equipment and the most advanced diagnostic practices is key to growing with the MLT job profile.

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