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Growing Acceptance of Online Training Courses:

The crisis has made online teaching and learning technology widely accepted by the organizations previously resistant to embrace online education and training. Most employers consider no differentiation between on the campus and online certifications as long provided the certification is earned from a trustworthy source. Against the traditional thought line that still supports the on-campus qualification, the new age employers value online qualification more because of a digital era thought line that implies that earning online qualification needs more effort, commitment, and dedication. If an employee acquires online certification while being in a job role, it makes him a star employee for employers.

  • The global online learning market worth is expected to touch $336.98 billion figure by 2026.
  • According to a report by Brandon Hall Group, online learning takes 40% - 60% less time than traditional learning.
  • India is one of the top countries that contribute to 30% annual global market growth of online education.
  • E-learning improves the student’s retention rate by 25% to 60%.

Across the world, all the top-ranking educational institutions are embracing the virtual teaching mode to facilitate the distant students to learn at ease. Today, online learning is widely embraced socially not only for the traditional basic courses but also for career-oriented professional courses. Learntoupgrade offers a range of online courses that add competitive values to professional credibility. However, many students still have a hitch in opting for online learning channels. Go through the following benefits of online education and you will be all set to join the right online course class:

1. Be Safe Advantage: Even if we return to the new normal, Covid-19 is going to stay for a long. It facilitates you to go ahead with a learning path while being safe and comfortable at home or anywhere else.
2. Saves Time and Money: Virtual learning saves considerable time, effort, and money that you otherwise invest in commuting.
3. Convenience & Flexibility: Most of the institutions conducting online courses allow you to choose the preferred time for joining instructor-led virtual classes with the flexibility to change the class time and exam schedule. Even you can peruse more than one course also simultaneously.
4. Development of Self-Discipline Trait: Success in online education depends upon your efforts powered by commitment and discipline; and, the developed personality traits support you for smart career growth.
5. Better Affordable: Comparatively, online courses cost less than classroom courses.
6. Freedom to Set Your Learning Environment: You can create your own learning space at any comfortable location to focus better on the online classes.
7. Unique Support of Networking: Most of the online learning programs offer membership to a global community; here, you come across the latest updates, unique experiences, and beneficial advice from professionals.

8 Tips- How To Choose The Best Online Course:

The biggest challenge for online learners is to decide what skill is in high demand. Everyone wants to have a career-oriented specialization that delivers competency to stay ahead in the global job market. The fast evolvement of technology and new challenges are fostering the changes in desired skills. One certification that is in high demand today may not be as relevant after two-three years; therefore, updating your skills regularly is a must.

Learn to Upgrade offers a range of regularly updated courses to help you grow with your chosen learning path. Now, the question is – which is the best online professional course? The following eight tips will help you pick the best course to suit your career plans:

  • Check and explore available career options in line with personal interests
  • Check for required skill
  • Check the eligibility for the shortlisted particular course

  • Check the validity, authenticity and demand of certification

  • Check the suitability of course curriculum to your career needs

  • Check the credibility and accreditation of course conducting institute

  • Check the affordability

  • Check the suitability of teaching/learning/lab/exam modes

Top Ten Online Training Courses for 2021 and After:

1. Forensic Science: Jobs for certified forensic science professionals are projected to grow @ 14 % up to 2029.
2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Almost 12 million new jobs are expected to come up by 2025 for certified AI and machine learning professionals.
3. Faculty Development Research Methodology Program: The importance and increasing scope of faculty development experts is being accepted wider in a range of industries apart from education.
4. Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking: Demand for certified ethical hackers is increasing @ three times than the rate of supply.
5. Google Analytics: Increasing dependency of businesses over website traffic analysis makes Google Analytics a must-have certification.
6. Digital Marketing: Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 10 % job growth for certified digital marketing experts.
7. Facebook Ads Planning: The CTR on Facebook is 3.90%; it is much higher than its rival platforms.
8. Data Science: Bureau of Labor Statistics states 31% growth rate of data science jobs.
9. Lead Generation: The certification empowers you to get a good-paying job almost in any industry engaged in digital marketing.
10. Social Media Marketing: Demand for social media marketing experts has increased by 26.2% since 2020.

Learntoupgrade – The Ultimate Choice For Professional Training Courses:

Learntoupgrade is an excellent online education platform that offers industry-relevant certification courses. All the offered courses are conducted in collaboration with top-ranking institutions and industries. The job-oriented online training courses are designed to deliver an immersive e-learning experience. Video lectures and digital content that you can access anytime from anywhere are regularly updated to bridge any gap in advancing learning needs. The experienced faculty members cover the robust curriculum in online learning classes to deliver the competencies that you need to advance your career faster. The highly trained and experienced career counselors address all your concerns to make you feel happy for choosing 'Learn to Upgrade' to upgrade your professional skills.


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