The Future and Scope of Industrial Biotechnology

Scope of Industrial Biotechnology Certification course

Industrial biotechnology is an advanced approach for resource conservation and pollution prevention as well to reduce the production cost. Also called third wave of biotechnology domain, Industrial Biotechnology is transforming the way of manufacturing products while addressing the environment concerns. It is the next gen way to use enzymes and microorganisms to make a range of bio-based products in different business sectors like chemicals, paper, textiles, food ingredients, pharma and others. Health and medicine is the top business segment that needs high numbers of certified health and medicine specialists.

Scope of Industrial Biotechnology:

Industrial Biotechnology is different from other forms of biotechnology commonly used at present in the medical and agricultural sectors. Application of Industrial Biotechnology is proving highly effective for cost reduction as well as for environment-friendly products to commercial in a marketplace with an edge. The following facts about the scope of Industrial Biotechnology will help you decide right to choose the best the platform for Industrial Biotechnology course certification:

• Use of feed-stock as an alternative to petrochemicals can reduce petrochemicals’ demand by 20 – 80%. 

• It can replace up to 80 % of the plastics in waste streams.

• Biotechnology simplifies vitamin B2 production.

• Biomass resulted because Industrial Biotechnology usage in manufacturing can be used as feedstock to produce other products or to make the industrial processes more cost-efficient.

• Industrial Biotechnology is highly efficient to attain sustainable economic systems.

• In the near future, Industrial Biotechnology is sure to develop a shift toward a bio-based economy.

Future After Industrial Biotechnology Course:

Industrial biotechnology is relatively a new domain of knowledge; therefore, its benefits are being recognized and accepted at an increasing scale in different industrial sectors; that’s why it is the best field to make a career that has tremendous growth opportunities in near future. The new era of bright prospects for Industrial Biotechnology certification holders has already begun. The biotechnology industry is being predicted to be a key growth driver for India’s economy; it is expected to be $5 Trillion by 2024. The Indian Industrial Biotechnology-based Biotech start-ups are expected to grow up to 10,000 by 2024 which are 2,700+ at present.

Products and Applications Of Industrial Biotechnology:

Everyone is applying Industrial Biotechnology in daily life but with unawareness. Just think about using bread, vinegar, and yogurt. The high in use Industrial Biotechnology products are-

  • Organic Acids and Polymers
  • Amino Acids
  • Alcohol
  • Nutraceuticals & Vitamins 
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Antibiotics
  • Enzymes
  • Bio-energy & Bio-fuels

The major applications of Industrial Biotechnology technology that brighten the career scope of Industrial Biotechnology experts are:

  • Bio-fuels Production
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Plant-Based Biodegradable Plastic
  • Antibiotics production
  • Vaccine development
  • Recombination products

So, are you ready to get early-bird advantages of joining an online Industrial Biotechnology course?

All About the Best Online Industrial Biotechnology Course:

The online course provides insights into enzyme discovery, enzyme engineering, synthetic biology, biochemical processing, process engineering, etc. During the course, you learn to translate Industrial Biotechnology into real applications to benefit society. The short-term Industrial Biotechnology course covers enzymatic function and catalysis, synthetic biology application, ethical challenges, technologies & methodologies aligned to synthetic biology, etc.

It is an 18 hours course. Completion of the course and passing an exam with 50% marks makes you eligible to have Industrial Biotechnology certification that empowers you to take the first step towards being an Industrial Biotechnology professional. The Industrial Biotechnology certification helps you get admissions to advanced stage Pharmaceutical Biotechnology course and Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology course.

Career Growth after Getting Industrial Biotechnology Certification:

Is it good to join a less popular Pharmaceutical Biotechnology course or Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology course? The low popularity of the Biotechnology stream increases your growth chances as you face little competition.

The major industries seeking Industrial Biotechnology specialists are-Agriculture; Animal Husbandry; Educational Institutes; Environmental Conservation Boards; Pharmaceutical Industries; Bioprocessing Industries; Health and Cosmetics; Chemical Industries.

The key job roles for Industrial Biotechnology experts are- Biological technicians; Biomedical Engineers; Microbiologists; Bio-manufacturing Specialists who have an annual earning potential of 4,00,000 to up to INR 5,00,000.


The Industrial Biotechnology sector is growing steadily; grab career development and growth opportunities by choosing a respectively a new domain. Learntoupgrade is a reliable platform that you can trust to get an industry-recognized Industrial Biotechnology course.

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