Why Forensic Science Courses After 12th Are Getting So Popular: Are You Missing The Advantage?

Forensic Science Courses After 12th

Because of sharp increase of crime rate and the new ways of committing crime, the career scope with a forensic science certification has increased exponentially during a couple of decades. There are tremendous job opportunities in Forensic Science arena with different job roles. Sensing the growing demand of qualified forensic science professionals, the institutions are also expanding the variety of forensic science courses to offer the dream expertise for aspiring forensic science experts. Today, you have the numbers of courses to get globally acknowledged credential for forensic science jobs.

Future Scope of Forensic Science Certifications:

Forensic science courses are drawing attention of youths who want a lucrative career with scope to do something exciting. The searches for ‘national forensic sciences university’ have increased in multiples, because, forensic science is the only job sector that remained unaffected during the downtime of nation’s economy.

Forensic Science links science and crime by application of scientific methodologies driven by expertise in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics; and, the importance of link is getting more as the justice is getting more transparent and evidence based due to complexity involved in crime and the growing tendency of challenging the judicial decisions. Jobs of forensic science technicians are projected to grow @14 percent up to 2029. In the private sector, starting annual salary of a newbie Forensic science certification holder starts from RS. 3 lakhs – 4 lakhs. At the start of career, Crime Laboratory Analyst can earn about Rs 4.00 -5.00 Lakhs per year. Just think, is there any such an easy to grab earning opportunity without investing must time and money for advance studies?

What are the Best Forensic Science Courses after 12th?

The field of forensic science is not new to India, but it remained little explored so far; therefore, if offers abundance of ‘easy to grab opportunities’ with different job profiles. If you are interested to make a white-collar career in scientific criminal investigation, forensic science certification courses are just for you. Just explore the following top forensic science courses that you can join just after passing 12th:

• B.Sc. Forensic Science

• Forensic Science and Law

• Forensic Science and Criminology

• Diploma in Document Examination

• Diploma in Fingerprint Examination

• Diploma in IT Security and Forensics ….. others

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How to Become a Forensic Science Specialist Just After Passing 12th:

To make your learning curve smoother and to help you have advanced degree from ‘one and only one in India’ National Forensic Sciences University and others, Learntoupgrade offers online ‘Forensic Science: Self learning course’. It is an instructor-led course with lifetime validity. The course is designed for the students willing to start their career at the earliest and to advance it by securing high-level certifications in forensic science. The popular ‘Forensic Science: Self learning course’ delivers insights into: 

• Principles of Forensics

• Principles of Activity

• Forensic Biology

• Forensic Entomology

• Wildlife Forensics

• Forensic Anthropology

• Forensic Serology

• Forensic Medicine

• Forensic Toxicology

• Forensic Psychology

• Cyber Forensics

• Microbial Forensics …… others

The course is intended to prepare you for earning advanced certification from a desired university or institution to advance the career prospects. The basic knowledge of forensic science in different domains helps you to understand better and to perform better at an advance forensic science degree course.

The Career Path for Aspiring Forensic Science Experts:

Forensic science offers endless career opportunities in government & private sectors to suite your personal interest. You can start providing forensic services to Pvt. forensic laboratories, banks, detective offices, etc. Eight major milestones at career path after passing basic level forensic science certification and advance forensic science degrees are-

1. Forensic Science Technician

2. Forensic Documents Examiner

3. Forensic Accountant

4. Forensic Computer Investigator

5. Forensic Ballistics Expert

6. Bloodstain Pattern Analyst

7. Forensic DNA Analyst

8. Toxicologist ………


The widening career scope in forensic science facilitates you to choose a particular domain of choice to get a certified credential. A basic online forensic science certification course just after 12th creates a base for you to compete for entry-level jobs and advance certification courses in desired stream.

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