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1 Year Membership Plan : Learntoupgrade certifications cover

1 Year Membership Plan : Learntoupgrade certifications

layers 26 Courses

Language: English

Validity Period: Lifetime

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**1 Year unlimited learning**

Learntoupgrade Subscription plan can prove to be a revolution in your career and skill development. It combines rigorous live online classes with comprehensive resources to support preparation, revision & practice.

Learners would be taught by Industry experts, who would resolve all doubts instantly during the class. The classes would be supported by Practice Problems, notes, and study material, Assignment, Quizz.

All Ug/pg/research scholar/ working professional

Medium of Instructions:

English: Teaching in English and material in English.

What you will get:

1- A 40 Certification courses with the duration of 1 month each
2- Free Virtual Internship certificate and report(Up to 3 Month)

3- All budget friendly courses free access

Subscription Highlights:

  1. Live Online Classes

Attend live interactive classes online. Raise your doubts during the live classes and get immediate clarification from Industry experts.

  1. Experience faculty

Get the best learning from experienced industry expert who have experience of working industry for more than 8-10 Years

  1. More than 50 Courses.

You can redeem more than 50 courses in a year worth Rs 2 Lakhs INR.

  1. Comprehensive Study Material

Key notes and filtered study material will be provided under each course which will help you in all exams and industry.

  1. Fresh courses arrival.

Our professionals are closely looking in to that industry requirements and accordingly every month there are 2-3 new certification courses added which you can cover under your subscription plan.

  1. Replay Missed Classes

You can access the recording of any class and replay it as many times as you want to help thoroughly revise concepts.

  1. Virtual Internship will be covered

Under this subscription plan, a learner can also avail up to 3 months internship training, internship certificate, dissertation report, evaluation report.


8. Virtual Internship will be covered

As every Science students required a recommendation letter to prove worthy, learntoupgrade will provide them a recommendation letter to lead them for a better future.


9- Career counselling


All subscribers will get a special career counselling session with industry experts which will help them to form a bridge to plan a roadmap from Campus to corporate.


10- Industry Internship & Placement assistance


We will also help the subscribers to get the entry level job in their respective industry where they can earn knowledge and monetary benefits as well.


List of courses



  1. Clinical research
  2. Immunotechnology
  3. Advance Molecular docking
  4. Bioinformatics tools & software
  5. Stem cell and gene therapy
  6. Forensic science
  7. Nano Bio Medicine
  8. Computer aided drug design and discovery
  9. Food Microbiology
  10. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
  11. Genetic engineering using Crispr technology
  12. Basic techniques in molecular biology
  13. Molecular & Chromatography tools-techniques
  14. Introduction to Bioinformatics tools and software
  15. Recombinant DNA technology & genetic engineering
  16. Plant cell and Tissue culture
  17. Microbiome studies, Tools, relevance and applications
  18. Advanced program in pharmacovigilance
  19. Molecular Docking
  20. Next generation sequencing
  21. Virology & Covid19 research
  22. Industrial Biotechnology
  23. Nano material & Nano composite certification
  24. Drug regulatory affair
  25. Clinical Emryology
  26. Pharma production management
  27. Toxicology
  28. Molecular cloning
  29. Medical coding
  30. Medical lab technician certification
  31. Next generation sequencing
  32. Cancel biology
  33. Clinical data management
  34. Pharmaceutical Quality control and quality assurance
  35. Medical devices
  36. Clinical Nutrition’s
  37. Food processing & technology
  38. Human anatomy
  39. Research scientific writing
  40.  Remote sensing & GIS software
  41. Python in Bioinformatics
  42. Cheminformatics & Its application in Drug discovery
  43. Pharmainformatics
  44. Metagenomics
  45. Microbial resistance
  46. Biomedical research certification
  47. Cosmetic
  48. Cell Biology
  49. Professional Program Certificate in Animal Breeding and Genetics
  50. Genetic Neurobiology
  51. DNA Finger printing
  52. Design of Experiment for pharmaceutical industry
  53. SASS programming for the Clinical data management


Still many more to launch, there is 5 fresh courses addition will be done every month.



For more details contact us: notification@learntoupgrade.com, Mob: +91 7290079907

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