Career Development Course/Internship -8 Course
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Career Development Course/Internship -8 Course


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Validity Period: Lifetime

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Career Development Course/Internship With Certified Certificate

For Life Science, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, M.Sc, B.Sc and Bio-Science Students

Once Completed Your Learning, Transfer and Get Refund.

What Will You Get In This Program?

  • We have 200 to 300 course listed. Check Here-
  • Get the access of 6 to 8 Course with certified certificates.
  • All the course will be premiun and begineer to advance level.
  • You can hotd this career development Course for Life Science.
  • If you don't want to hold transfer this to anyone you will get guranteed Rs.4000/- Money Back.


The vision of this Career Development Course is to bridge the gap between formal education and industry needs in the Life Science, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, M.Sc, B.Sc and Bio-Science Students sector by providing industrial skill training. This gives practical experience in specific domains to Life Science, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, M.Sc, B.Sc and Bio-Science Students. Learntoupgrade provides industry-specific training to students for skill development and enhancing their job opportunities in Medical industries engaged in R & D, quality control & analysis, production & manufacturing, marketing, regulation and IPR. The programme is very beneficial to students  as the students get first hand exposure to industrial work-culture and required skills .
This course is designed to provide students with a systematic approach to the career development process. This process helps students take into account their own interests, values, skills, and personality as guiding elements as they figure out the best career pathway. Simultaneously, students learn about diverse professional options and are better equipped to make decisions about their career path based on their self-assessment and resources provided in the course.


This course is ideal for any life science student, although we particularly encourage first, second year and transfer students to get started on their career planning early. All students are welcome to enroll especially if:
⦁    You are pre-med, and want reassurance you are on the right path
⦁    You have no idea what career is a match for you, and want exposure to diverse STEM careers.
⦁    You want help planning for internship opportunities or post-undergraduate school applications.
⦁    You want to practice skills to help with career planning and decision making

What Extra Benefits you are getting from this course?
⦁    Flexible Schedule, all sessions will be Live
⦁    Earn an Industry recognized Certificate recognised by DBT and NSDC.
⦁    Hands-on Projects to practice various concepts & tools, evaluated by our lead trainer.
⦁    You can access the Class from anywhere without any hassle.
⦁    Missed any live session? Have the recording of all sessions.
⦁    Get weekly assignments & live projects to build confidence in applying the learning, to produce real results.
⦁    Hand-outs will be given to help you maximize the value of online sessions.
⦁    Best quality content which is latest and up-to-date with the industry standards.
⦁    Study materials will be given with lifetime access
⦁    Learning experience from experienced and certified Trainers.
⦁    Many free webinar access to all existing learners.
⦁    Learn quality thesis writing skill
⦁    Internship report

List of the Course

  1. Bioinformatics tools & software
  2. Stem cell and gene therapy
  3. Forensic science
  4. Food Microbiology
  5. Genetic engineering using Crispr technology
  6. Basic techniques in molecular biology
  7. Molecular & Chromatography tools-techniques
  8. Introduction to Bioinformatics tools and software
  9. Recombinant DNA technology & genetic engineering
  10. Plant cell and Tissue culture
  11. Microbiome studies, Tools, relevance and applications
  12. Next generation sequencing
  13. Virology & Covid19 research
  14. Industrial Biotechnology
  15. Nano material & Nano composite certification
  16. Animal Physiology
  17. Food science & Processing technology
  18. Nano Bio Medicine
  19. Immunotechnology
  20. Clinical research
  21. Computer aided drug design and discovery
  22. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
  23. Drug regulatory affair
  24. Medical Coding
  25. Advance Molecular docking
  26. Cheminformatics & its application in Drug discovery
  27. Advanced program in pharmacovigilance
  28. Pharmaceutical production management
  29. Pharmaceutical Quality control & Assurance
  30. Medical Coding
  31. Animal Physiology
  32. Pharmaceutical production management
  33. Pharma Sales & Marketing Management
  34.  Medical Devices
  35.  Clinical data management
  36.  The Organic Chemistry of Drug Design and Discovery
  37. Certificate in analytical testing & Equipment 
  38. Many More Course Up To 400.



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