Challenges in Infection Control with Online Class
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Advance Infection Prevention & Challenges in Infection Control Training cover

Advance Infection Prevention & Challenges in Infection Control Training

Instructor: Dr. Nayak

Language: English

Validity Period: Lifetime

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As we all are watching that Infection is one of the most dreaded adverse events associated with healthcare delivery, accounting for considerable morbidity, mortality and cost. Although sometimes unavoidable, a significant proportion of healthcare associated infections could be prevented by better quality clinical practice.

Though all healthcare practitioners are responsible for ensuring consistent delivery of high quality clinically effective care and protect patients from the risk of infection, the support of an “Infection Control Practitioner” can play a vital role in ensuring that all Health Care Workers (HCW) adhere to the correct infection control practices.


About wetlab championship: Makeintern is conducting a national level wetlab championship program for nursing dept at IIT KGP , for which 30 university has been selected.

Championship having 2 rounds:

Round1- There would be a 6 days training on the topic choosen by university, after the course completion students will have to attend a live test here, by which top3 students from each university will be selected for the next round.

Round2- selected students will be invited for next round at IIT delhi for two days to attend a championship, here they will get the accommodation from our side and they will have a career boosting opportunity here.

Registration fee: 1200/- INR Per participants.

Enroll and help yourself to have an understanding of Practical scenarios and Ongoing Covid Crisis control measures.

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