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Free webinar- Food Microbiology

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Instructor: Dr. Kusum/Prity

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About Food Microbiology

This online webinar provides insights into the microbiology of food. During the webinar, you will come across many new research techniques. You also have a good opportunity to know how food microbiology can be used to cure a range of diseases. The presence of notable personalities with expertise and experience in food microbiology will grace the online webinar.

The focus of the food microbiology webinar is to highlight –


  • What has been accomplished
  • What challenges are key challenges
  • What medical breakthroughs maybe


Benefits To Study Food Microbiology

Food Microbiology drives professionals to conduct a range of research on microbes that are both beneficial and deleterious for the safety and quality of foods with the perspective of public health; thus, it becomes a high-value concern for health professionals.



Food Microbiology webinar will cover a range of topics of interest:

  • Food-borne microbes & their interactions with foods and different food chain environments
  • Food-borne microbe adaptation and response mechanism for food-processing and handling stresses
  • Application of microbial diversity and versatility for improving quality, safety, and human-friendly properties of processed foods
  • Microbiology of fermentation in food
  • Dynamics of food-borne pathogenic microbes
  • Application of food-borne pathogenic microbe values for food processing & safety
  • Functional and genomics of pathogenic and technological microbes
  • Identification and characterization of microbes and microbial communities
  • Development of probiotics as the food supplements
  • Application of Predictive microbiology for process optimization as per risk assessment



The food microbiologists will get a chance to brush up their knowledge besides getting an opportunity to share their insights that will help the community of food microbiologists to invent effective ways for human-safe food processing,   


Registration is "Free". The participants will get a certificate also. 

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