Nursing Internship training: 1 Month
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1 Month Nursing Internship Virtual training: By Makeintern cover

1 Month Nursing Internship Virtual training: By Makeintern

Instructor: Dr. Priyankata, Dr. Pallavi, Dr. Tejaswini

Language: English

Validity Period: Lifetime

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1 Month Internship Program Organised By Learntoupgrade for the Nursing Department


About the Internship 

This programme has been implemented with an objective to provide hands-on-training in tools and techniques in Nursing and allied areas to generate skilled manpower.

The vision of this project training is to bridge the gap between formal education and industry needs in the Healthcare sector by providing 1 Month industrial skill training to fresh B.Sc./Msc students. This gives practical experience in specific domains to Nursing. Learntoupgrade provides industry-specific training to Nursing students for skill development and enhancing their job opportunities in Medical industries engaged in R & D, quality control & analysis, supervision, marketing,auditing. The programme is very beneficial to students  as the students get first hand exposure to industrial work-culture and required skills .
Here we are offering the 1 month live online internship program on a very nominal fee with high quality of learnings: Get Industry recognized certification with lifetime validity.


Batch starting from: 

Batch1: 1st Week June
Batch2: 2nd Week June


Internship available on: (You can choose any One topic from the below list)


Here are a few subjective virtual internship training areas tailored for Nursing students.:

  1. Maternal and Child Health:

    • Virtual internships focusing on prenatal care, childbirth education, and postnatal support for mothers and infants.
    • Learning about neonatal care practices, breastfeeding support, and infant developmental milestones.
  2. Chronic Disease Management:

    • Participating in virtual programs aimed at managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma.
    • Understanding the role of nurses in patient education, medication adherence, and lifestyle modification for chronic disease prevention and management.
  3. Palliative Care:

    • Engaging in virtual internships that address end-of-life care, pain management, and psychosocial support for patients with life-limiting illnesses.
    • Learning about the principles of palliative care, communication skills for difficult conversations, and ethical considerations in caring for terminally ill patients.
  4. Mental Health Nursing:

    • Virtual internships focusing on mental health assessment, therapeutic communication techniques, and crisis intervention strategies.
    • Understanding the role of nurses in promoting mental wellness, destigmatizing mental illness, and advocating for mental health services in the community.
  5. Community Health Nursing:

    • Participating in virtual community health assessments, health screenings, and health promotion activities in underserved areas.
    • Learning about community resources, cultural competency, and strategies for addressing social determinants of health.
  6. Infection Control and Prevention:

    • Engaging in virtual training programs on infection control practices, including hand hygiene, personal protective equipment (PPE) use, and environmental sanitation.
    • Understanding the importance of surveillance, outbreak management, and adherence to infection control protocols in healthcare settings.
  7. Emergency and Disaster Nursing:

    • Virtual internships focusing on disaster preparedness, triage protocols, and emergency response procedures.
    • Learning about the role of nurses in disaster relief efforts, mass casualty incidents, and humanitarian aid initiatives.
  8. Geriatric Nursing:

    • Participating in virtual programs addressing the unique healthcare needs of elderly patients, including falls prevention, medication management, and dementia care.
    • Understanding age-related changes, promoting functional independence, and advocating for elder rights in healthcare.
  9. Clinical Research:

    • Virtual internships in clinical research offer opportunities to learn about study design, protocol development, and ethical considerations in human subjects research.
    • Tasks may include literature reviews, data collection and analysis, and documentation of research findings.
    • Understanding the regulatory requirements for clinical trials, Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines, and Institutional Review Board (IRB) processes.
  10. AI in Nursing:

    • Exploring virtual internships that delve into the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in nursing practice.
    • Learning about AI-driven decision support systems, predictive analytics for patient outcomes, and natural language processing for clinical documentation.
    • Understanding the potential benefits and challenges of integrating AI technologies into nursing workflows, including issues related to data privacy and algorithm bias.
  11. Clinical Data Management:

    • Engaging in virtual training programs focused on clinical data management principles and practices.
    • Learning about data collection tools, data validation procedures, and database management systems used in clinical research.
    • Gaining hands-on experience with data entry, coding, and quality assurance processes to ensure the integrity and reliability of clinical trial data.

These subjective virtual internship training areas cater to specific interests and career aspirations of BSc Nursing students, allowing them to explore niche areas of nursing practice and develop specialized skills and expertise.

How to Register?

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  5. Payment

Note: In case any problem during the payment contact us on 7290079907


What Benefits are you going to get from this course?


  1. Flexible Schedule, all sessions will be Live
  2. Earn an Industry recognized Certificate recognised by DBT and NSDC.
  3. 2 hours class per day live class
  4. Hands-on Projects to practice various concepts & tools, evaluated by our lead trainer.
  5. You can access the session from anywhere without any hassle.
  6.  Missed any live session? Have the recording of all sessions with one year access.
  7. Get weekly assignments & live projects to build confidence in applying the learning, to produce real results
  8. Hand-outs will be given to help you maximize the value of online sessions
  9. Best quality content which is latest and up-to-date with the industry standards
  10. Study materials will be given with lifetime access
  11. Learning experience from experienced and certified Trainers.
  12. Many free webinar access to all existing learners.
  13. Internship report



All the participants will get DBT recognised learntoupgrade Internship certification, you can directly download your certificate from the website. Also all the certificates would have a unique code by which anybody can verify the certificate from our portal.

  • Total number of certification will be given : 2

First certificate will be for 1 Month internship

Another one will be a certified course certification against the course you chose for the internship.

How do I evaluate myself?

Time to test all the knowledge you have gained. Take the test at the end of the course and evaluate yourself. Every  Course has a test at the end. 

  • How to get the certificate?

 The certificate can be downloaded from our website. certificate has a Unique code by which anybody can verify the certificate on our website.

  . How the internship progress:

You will be offered one month training on your selected topic through Online mode, classes will be 1.5 hours daily.


Note: All the classes will be held in our own Portal and Android/IOS App, you can install.

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