Patent in Biotechnology
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Patent in Biotechnology- Self Learning Course cover

Patent in Biotechnology- Self Learning Course

Instructor: Dr. Kshipra Chauhan

Language: English

Validity Period: Lifetime

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A biological patent is a patent on an invention in the field of biology that by law allows the patent holder to exclude others from making, using, selling, or importing the protected invention for a limited period of time.

Patentability and Biotechnology webinar is the glimpse of the upcoming IPR in Biotechnology course. This webinar is a guideline of patenting in research. In this webinar Biotech students will learn about various forms of IPR, IPR act of India, introduction of patents, criteria of getting a patent, stages involved in getting patent and case study about role of patents in Biotechnology industry. This webinar is designed for enthusiastic IPR beginners of biotechnology field, to prepare them for a detailed upcoming IPR in Biotechnology course. 

Understanding IPR open up new career avenues for Biotech students. There is a huge demand of biotechnology experts in IPR field. Therefore, a better understanding in IPR helps in standing out from prospective candidates. At the end of this webinar the gap between the two fields will be filled by knowing application of IPR in Biotechnology.

In this course, We will explain you the process and criteria for patentability in Biotechnology.

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