Two month Project training on Bioinformatics
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Life science Major Project: 6 months cover

Life science Major Project: 6 months

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Instructor: Dr. Akshay Jawar

Language: English

Validity Period: Lifetime

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About Project:

The field of Life Sciences is continuously evolving with new tools and techniques coming into the picture. In recent years Bioinformatics has seen exponential growth and has become an essential part of every Biological project. Therefore, having an understanding of various Bioinformatics tools, techniques and methods has also become pretty important to every person working in the Life Sciences domain. With this view in mind, we have developed an industry driven Bioinformatics project program in partnership with GeneSpectrum Life Sciences.

Duration Of The Project

The duration of the program is 6 Months. Depending upon the candidate's interest the project duration can be customized.

Choose any one synopsis for your project basesd on Bioinformatics/Durg design & discovery/Molecular docking.

1) Development, Integration and Application of Computational Tools for the Prospection of Targets and Compounds with Therapeutic Potential
2)Molecular docking in modern drug discovery: principle and Application
3)Molecular Docking and Structure-Based Drug Design Strategies
4)In silico drug discovery on computational Grids for finding novel drugs against neglected diseases 


5. Computational study of phytocompounds against various diseases
6. Molecular Docking and Simulation of ayurvedic plant constituents for anti-cancer / anti-inflammatory activity
7. QSAR modelling of anti-bacterial activity of plant extracts
8. Design of novel analogs of medicinal compounds for treatment of common diseases with higher specificity
9- Virtual screening & Drug discovery in covid-19
10- Structural Bioinformatics 
11- Data generation through BLAST tool in Bioinformatics
12- Genetic engineering using crispr technology
13- Identification of novel compound from plants and its effect against deadly disease

Some other options:


  1. Bioinformatics tools & software
  2. Stem cell and gene therapy
  3. Forensic science
  4. Food Microbiology
  5. Genetic engineering using Crispr technology
  6. Basic techniques in molecular biology
  7. Molecular & Chromatography tools-techniques
  8. Introduction to Bioinformatics tools and software
  9. Recombinant DNA technology & genetic engineering
  10. Plant cell and Tissue culture
  11. Microbiome studies, Tools, relevance and applications
  12. Next generation sequencing
  13. Virology & Covid19 research
  14. Industrial Biotechnology
  15. Nano material & Nano composite certification
  16. Animal Physiology
  17. Food science & Processing technology
  18. Nano Bio Medicine
  19. Immunotechnology
  20. Clinical research
  21. Computer aided drug design and discovery
  22. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
  23. Drug regulatory affair
  24. Medical Coding
  25. Advance Molecular docking
  26. Cheminformatics & its application in Drug discovery
  27. Advanced program in pharmacovigilance
  28. Pharmaceutical production management
  29. Pharmaceutical Quality control & Assurance
  30. Medical Coding
  31. Animal Physiology
  32. Pharmaceutical production management
  33. Pharma Sales & Marketing Management
  34.  Medical Devices
  35.  Biomedical research certification
  36.  Medical lab technician: Instrumentation training
  37.  Clinical data management

Registration fee:

1st Installment(During the registration) : 3835 Rs
2nd Installment (with in 15 days of training): 2835 Rs


The eligibility for the training cum project program is graduation in any life science discipline with B.Sc, M.Sc., B.Tech, B.Pharm, M.Tech, M.Phil, M. Pharm etc. Highly interested participants in pursuing a degree can also apply.


Mode of the course

The program will be online. The candidates enrolling for the course will be guided by the instructors from learntoupgrade. There will be a  2-3  hours session once a week via online personal training/meeting over Zoom or similar platforms where instructors will provide the guidance and further project work for the whole week which candidates need to submit on weekend. Candidates can post their questions on the course forum to get answers from the instructors between 10 AM to 6 PM.


Certificates: All Candidates will get the project certificate certified by Learntoupgrade & GeneSpectrum approved by NSDC, recognised by DBT.

A project report will also be provided.

Benefits :

1)  All sessions will be Live interacted with the industry expert
2) All live classes recording access for lifetime
3) Study material
4) Internship Report
5) You get a DBT recognized certificates
6) Learn thesis writing
7) Flexible timings
8) Weekly one free webinar along with the certificate
9) Assignment
10) Demonstration through the lab videos.
11) A free webinar of "How to write a research paper and publish it"
12) Data generation
13) Project report preparation
14) Offer letter & recommendation letter

Major Benefit:

30 hours course duration of Bioinformatics basic to advance will be given free of cost
18 Hours course duration of Computer aided drug design discovery will be given too.

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