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Nano Biomedicine : Instructor LED online Training

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Instructor: Dr. Raghunandan

Language: English

Validity Period: Lifetime

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About the Course: Nanotechnology is a rapidly developing field, which includes a diverse collection of disciplines. The applications of nanotechnology are gaining overwhelming response in almost all fields. Especially in the healthcare sector, tremendous developments have been achieved.

For example, cancer diagnosis and therapy, medical implants, tissue engineering, etc.

In the coming years, the developments in this field are expected to flourish and lead to several life-saving medical technologies and treatment methods. Thus, the main objective of this course is to impart knowledge on biomedical applications of nanotechnology.

The program will appeal to professionals working in the commercial or healthcare sectors who develop or use nanotechnology in their work, including:

  • biomedical engineers
  • materials scientists
  • biotech-entrepreneurs
  • medical practitioners and dentists
  • chemists and pharmacists
  • electrical engineers
  • project managers in related industries
  • patent agents and patent lawyers
  • legislators
  • clinical research fellows, graduates and other researchers in a related area of science.

The course comprises:

  • 18 Hours of Online Live Classes
  • Weekly Assignments
  • Assesment and Evaluation
  • Certificates

An additional benefit is that students can participate from anywhere in the world. The course is fully supported by expert tutors who are experienced in both nanotechnology and online teaching. After successfully completing the Course, the participant will receive a training certificate.

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